Welcome to Hekate’s Sacred Temple website. Our temple is the only Hekate’s Sacred Temple registered in New York as a non-profit religious organization, sanctioned to hold public rituals, and independent, with no expectation of a for profit business.     Click a tab to discover each facet of our Temple. The Mission statement, Hekate’s history, Clergy meet the Trustees, Academy classes, Divination, Make a donation and become a member of the Temple at Membership, News/Events for a gallery of news, up coming and previous rituals and events, Find unique Hekate items in Gifts, Send us your comments to the Contacts tab information.     If you resonate to the Goddess Hekate, we invite you to join Hekate’s Sacred Temple. (Membership) Her current representation Hekate’s Sacred Temple Torchbearer of the Crossroads © Hekate’s Sacred Temple and Torchbearer of the Crossroads 2014 - Version 2.1 Hail Hekate!  Torchbearer of the Crossroads