Lady Morgana Avallone, HPS Lady Morgana of Avallone, HPS, Headmistress of Witches Academy of Hekate's Sacred Temple, teaching Witchcraft and Divination. She is founder of Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team, a group of professional mediums, & readers of tarot, runes, palm, and pendulum. She currently serves as spiritual counselor, tarot reader & psychic at the Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe, 324 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ 07042, every Wednesday and Saturday from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. She facilitates all New Moon, Full Moon and Esbat Rituals and Sabbats performed monthly at the store. Lady Morgana Avallone is a Minister of The Church of Spiritual Humanism and a Dr. of Metaphysics for ULC and can perform Handfastings, Weddings, Wiccanings and a High Priestess for over 15 years.  She is an intuitive psychic/healer/tarot reader and follows her maternal line of spiritual beliefs. Since 2014 she was co-founder and High Priestess in Hekate's Sacred Temple and Torchbearers of the Crossroads, NYC; founder of Wiccan's of the Crossroads in Brooklyn, NY; The Witches of the Crossroads of Hekate Coven, Upstate NY; and teacher of Wicca in the Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Albany and Saratoga Counties; Metro and Tri-state area. Lady Morgana Avallone owner of former Magickal Wonders Psychic Café and Emporium has provided decades of service to the Pagan Community as a leader with ultimate respect for life and unity of all people. She believes she is truly blessed to be fulfilling her highest purpose by sharing her gifts through personal counseling, fund-raisers, private and corporate theme events, cable TV shows; community psychic fairs. She may be reached at 347-525- 8058. You may also visit here at: or google Lady Morgana Avallone and view her many other websites in your area. Clergy
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