Hekate’s Sacred Temple Torchbearer of the Crossroads is proud to have Lady Morgana Avallone and her team of Professionals provide Divination and Education for our organization. Seeking  Guidance?  We are here to offer support.  Private Consultations, Theme/Prediction Parties, Corporate Events and Fund Raisers. Lady Morgana and her Psychic Team facilitates the following workshops and a Wiccan three year Coven Degree Program. Class Topics include the following: > How to use Herbs to enhance your life the natural way. > Incense making for every occasion > Oils to use in rituals and healing > Gems and Crystals > Crafts to fashion for home and sacred spaces > Tarot/Divination Techniques including use of cards,     pendulum, runes, scrying with water and mirrors. > Pagan history (Greco-Roman), Witchcaft basics,     comparison of Pagan Traditions. Lady Morgana Avallone HPS > Forums-Discussions about the Pagan community, > GMO impact on mother Earth and her inhabitants. > Social events and Networking for fun and community spirit. > Classes are for groups of six or more people.
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